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Chapter Lists

Chapter Lists


What is your identify? What is your life span? How are you going to live in your life? This will be predicted in this CHAPTER, known as general CHAPTER (or index CHAPTER) in case, you want to know the advantage and details of other CHAPTERs, independently and in detail, you have to know this General CHAPTER, only after this, you will be told about the CHAPTER in which you are interested(as per your choice). Details about the other CHAPTERs will be predicted along with the benef its, separately. This has been clearly written in the astrological charts,(i.e.,Naadi Jothidam Palmyra Leaves Scripts).


This deals with previous birth. That is it tells you where and how were you bora it the previous birth. It also correlates your present difficulties with the earlier birth. Bad affects due to Your previous birth, which have cause obstacles now in the form of delayed unsuccessful married life, pending cases in the court, troubles from enemies debt, stagnation in your official life, political life, deterioration in health, loss in business industry are dealt with in this CHAPTER. It suggests remedial measures to be followed so that these obstacles and bad affects can be overcome. That is, it provides means relief from such a verify of worries haunting your mind.


This will predict the Rakshai(Sacred string) to be worn by you, it suggest a suitable God who will make you a Talisman. It will do wonders miracles and what not. It will tell you ways and means for your, self defense for attracting and enticing persons towards you it will tell you ways and means for getting cured from irritation in eyes and marriage hurdle, business hurdle, hurdle depend upon the health and getting out from the spell of evil spirits.

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