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About Us

About Us

Guruji Gopinath, son of Rajendra Swamy belongs to the family of priest is from Tamilnadu, South India having immense experience in the department of Nadi Astrology and is serving his customers for about 17 Years

Guruji Gopinath have around 16000 customers base around globe.

Guruji have visited Malaysia, Singapore, Sri lanka, France and Canada in his 17 years of experience and have around 3500 satisfied customer base out of India

Saints/rishis of ancient days, with the blessings of lord Siva used to predict and know the past, present and future. Lord Siva blessed 18 of his disciples and all 18 could predict future and of which AGASTYA is the best Rushi who had a highly developed consciousness.

AGASTHYA with lord Shiva’s blessings written about past, present and future of human life in kaliyuga, his detailed writings includes ones past ,present, future ; spiritual , panchabutha, Health, medicine, Vedas.

AGASTHYA’S writings also includes human birth secrets ,how human takes birth /leads life .the destiny ,the purpose, human duties and karma, about health ,wealth, education, children, relocation, foreign travel ,diseases, love life, marriage, relation with father ,ancestral property, job, business , profits and losses, second marriage , next birth , birth place, government job, authority, services , spiritual journey, moksham, past birth , previous life/birth details, gods blessings ,mantra Daksha

With the AGSTHYA ‘S writings , human gets enlightened and gets relief ,peace from the huddles and sorrows caused on earth in this kaliyuga .

Nadi astrology readings from the text rushi AGASTYA written on palm leaves contains past, present and future lives of human

It is divided into 14 chapter for the easy flow of predictions to relate to the present generations

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